Monday, November 1, 2010

Time flies!

Wow! Another two weeks flew by without a post (whine fest) from yours truly. I guess I have sort of hit cruise control. I missed one week of skating due to a particularly heinous back injury. I pinched a nervein my back, which still twinges at times. Once I could bend over and TIE my skates I was back at it. Oddly enough, Skating seemed to help decrease the pain instead of magnifying it as I expected.
This made me joyful. =)
I just moments ago filled out the official form to pre-register for SCDG tryouts. I am REALLY going to do this! Excitement and dread are warring for my attention right now. Am I good enough? Am I fast enough? Can I actually hang with these ladies? Or am I just making a fool of myself even trying out? I have been improving in leaps and bounds every time I skate, and I believe that, if given the chance, I will be a hell of a derby girl. I think that once I am skating more often than once weekly (which is all I can really afford right now since I have to skate in a rink and that costs money) I will improve even faster. I still have some confidence issues when I first put on the skates. I still have a few balance issues and need to build strength in my legs and abs. I think that regular skating will help me with these issues.
I have settled on a derby name, at least for now, until I run it by a few of the derby girls, or change my mind, or freak out.... I will not be disclosing this name until it is submitted to twoevils. Call it superstition. I know it isn't on the list and there are ZERO similarities, which greatly improves my chances of keeping this name.
I think that covers the bases.

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