Sunday, October 17, 2010

SCDG League Championships!!!!

Last night was the SCDG league championship bout. I volunteered to come and help out as NSO, which was a complete blast! The bout was between the Death Dealers and the Leave it to Cleavers. The Cleavers were the defending champions, two years running. The Dealers have been the surprise favorites this season, and happen to be the team that my lovely friend Sushi plays with. It was a hard fought bout. The Cleavers fought hard to try to get that three-peat but in the end, the Dealers took the title. I loved being part of such a special day and it has just cemented my need to become an active part of the derby world. The Dealers were gracious winners and the Cleavers were just pleased to have been part of the whole thing. The Cleavers dedicated the bout to Barbara Billingsley, the original June Cleaver, who died yesterday, which was a touching moment. There were a few very tender moments, where some of the ladies who had chosen to retire this year were acknowledged, and the Cleavers gave their captain a boquet of roses as she is on LOA expecting her first child. This was a very nice glimpse of derby life. Way to go Dealers, maybe next year I'll be skating with you!

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