Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Skating under the influence....

Of cold medications.
I am about to lay down a big old whine fest. I love y'all, so I figured I'd warn you.
I got sick over the weekend with a fairly nasty little virus which kept me flat down for three days. I went back to work on Monday, miserable, and worked until I was too exhausted to continue then came home. Tuesday, same. Today I felt a little better, and worked as long as I could. ( I cannot have overtime and have to work an extra 1/2 shift this week) Tonight was another "Skate with a Derby Girl" night at the rink, and I almost didn't go. I felt pretty tired and knew I wouldn't be up for much. After discussing with my husband, bless his heart, I decided to just go and see what I could do, and what I needed to work on for tryouts next week (squee!). I sucked. A lot. I took down a kid on a scooter after nearly doing a lovely full split, almost taking down the FM captain with me. (Sorry Mafiosa!) My heart was racing after just one lap. I skated for about 15 minutes and let Ms Mafiosa know I was leaving, and why. She told me that she understood, wanted me to get better and knew that I was serious about tryouts. Almost all the ladies of the league were in attendance, and it was nice to see them all helping so many potentials. All I can do is hope that what I have learned so far is enough. I trust myself more than I have in months, and I have to trust that I CAN do what I need to to make the league. I don't have a lot of practice time before then. I feel better about at least trying to skate, even though I sucked hard tonight. Derby is about dedication, and I am dedicated. I have a fantastic support network, including some great skaters and the best husband andy girl could ask for. My kids want to be derby girls. I'm tired. I'm going to bed now, so I can get better and not suck.

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