Saturday, November 20, 2010

So tryouts were today....

and I didn't suck. I feel very confident that I fall in the middle range of those who tried out today. I will either be the top of the bottom, or more likely, the bottom of the top.
My ever loving husband has been very patient with me, and is definitely the best derby husband a derby girl could want. He is very tolerant of my obsession and encourages me (ie bullies me when I wimp out) when I need it. Love you babe!
I feel pretty good about my endurance, I didn't *quite* get 25 in 5. By my count it was 24 3/4 in 5. I asked FM captain, she said that while I didn't quite make it, I was very close and many of the other ladies trying out didn't get it either. I don't feel too bad about that since I was concentrating more on form than speed. We did weaving through cones, which I absolutely sucked at on the first pass, but rocked out the second try. One-legged skating was decent as it was for a lot less distance than I thought I would need to do, and I was able to stop when I tried to do so. I wasn't even considering the fact that there would be an interview. There were five people doing the interviews two of which were refs that I have been working closely with during my stint as NSO. We were asked not to interview with someone that we were well aquainted with, so I skipped them. I was able to interview with one of the ladies I have met before, but hadn't gotten to know well, Trixen Kixer. She was kind and honest, but I still felt like I was doing a job interview. I feel I represented myself well.
All in all, I feel like I did just fine, didn't make an ass of myself, and may actually make the league. I know that I did my best, the rest is up to the captains.
Now comes the wait. This might just be the worst part. Eeeep. Hopefully, the next post will be the one announcing that I made the league. SCDG here I come!


  1. Positive vibes coming your way! The anticipation is killer!

  2. Hey fellow wannabe - good luck! When do you find out if you made it in??

  3. Part of me is really pleased that the wftda has not infiltrated UK Derby that much... we all follow the same rule set but when it comes to min skills there seems to be a lot more flexibility. You did your best and that's all that matters.