Friday, June 17, 2011

Did you miss me?

Sorry for the filler post last week. I just haven't had the strength to post, even though lots of fun stuff is going on.
Summer is a busy time in the Go Wylde household. There are parties pretty much every weekend, camping trips, family obligations, and of course, derby.
The last few practices have been pretty good. We have been getting the new girls through their minimum skills testing and working on some new drills to improve the vets' skills. I am still struggling to get out of my head and just skate. Not much to say about that. I still feel like I suck and I still need improvement, but as long as I am this stressed out at work, and this exhausted every night when I get home, I just can't do much about it. I wish I could afford to go to rinks every week and practice. I sincerely wish that I could make time to go to the park more than once a week and skate. Alas, time commitments, evil bosses, and poor husbands who need to get away from the chatter of two little girls just don't allow for that.
We had a great little social event for our league last week. One of the ladies decided to throw a little mojito party. This was the first one I have been able to attend. It was great fun, and I had a chance to talk with some really great people about lots of fun things. Alcohol was involved, and I DID say a few things I regret, but overall, it was fun. I had a conversation about wheels and was informed that I should give up my beloved poisons and go back to my harder, faster wheels now that I have gained some control because girls of my, shall we say "reubenesque" stature shouldn't skate on those wheels.
I decided to try it. I switched back to my old flatout wheels. WOW. I felt like I was learning to skate all over.
This week was scrimmage week, and the last one of this session. We had a really great time, and halfway through the scrimmage, the Mamas decided to let the newly qualified ladies join in. We took a halftime break and got the girls added into the teams. They did very well in their first real scrimmage. I took a few pretty nasty spills, one of which was pretty epic. One of the new ladies was skating alongside me and, through no fault of her own, fell right in front of me. Well, I fell right with her, and narrowly dodged a skate to the face as I flew through the air like Supergirl and landed flat on my front. I managed to get my wristguards out in front of my face before I hit, but it was a pretty impressive fall.
I jammed. No really, I jammed three times. I even managed to score a few points, though I did manage to get trapped behind a wall of red that wouldn't break. Ruby, I love you, but your ass was seriously killing my cool. All told, I scored like 14 points and only got two fouls. The first foul was when I got over excited and tried to skate off at the first whistle when I was jamming. OOPS. IP false start anyone? The second was a stupid little cut that I really didn't notice until Rubber called it.
I had a great time, and got to watch my girl Gyro in her very first scrimmage.
Once again, I love my Red Rockettes!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stole this from another blog...

I saw this on Bunnie Lowbrowski's blog, and it made me think of all my striped friends (as well as my derby mama Wanton). I like to think I never forget to thank our officials and someday hope to join them. So, with no further ado...

The Refs Prayer

Our Ref crew, who art in stripes,

hallowed be thy whistle.

Thy ruling come,

thy will be done,

in scrimmage as it is in bout.

Give us this jam our penalties,

And forgive us our track-cut,

as we forgive those who track-cut against us.

And lead us not into altercation,

but deliver us from foul trouble.

For thine is the track,

the pack and the jammer,

for two minutes at a time.

Good Job.