Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Am I cursed or just stupid? (the skate saga continues)

I am sure my avid readers(hi Psyfy!)know that I have been having some difficulty in obtaining my roller skates. After demanding a refund from the first online vendor, and ordering from a more well spoken-of vendor, who shall for the time remain nameless, I still have no skates.
I received my refund promptly from the original vendor, and while I am frustrated with the fact that they failed to notify me that back order meant two months or more, I was pleased with the exchange. I would be willing to order accessories from this vendor in the future. Just not skates.
After a period of shopping around looking for price differences and reading vendor reviews, I re-ordered my skates from a different vendor. Two days later, Paypal confirms that the vendor has received the payment and my bank agrees. Great right? Usually items are shipped within three business days after payment is received. It has been eleven business days and still no skates. No word from said vendor. I sent an e-mail to the vendor requesting information on the status of my order. I received an immediate canned reply letter stating that due to a high volume of messages, the vendor will contact me within two business days. *sigh* Am I doomed to borrow skates from a (hopefully) league mate? Will I ever obtain the lovely Reidell Vixens which have rolled through my dreams for the last four months? Stay tuned to find out!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pads 'n' All - The confessions of a Skater Girl: Awakening of the Soul

I have been thus far unable to fully articulate my feelings about Roller Derby. I am not exactly a writer, and I have a hard time opening up. I am working on this, which is why I started this blog. In my obsessive search for derby-related information, I came across a wonderful blog. Reading her first post, I felt like I could be reading my own experience, so, here it is. Thanks Skater Chick, for saying what I have been unable to.
Pads 'n' All - The confessions of a Skater Girl: Awakening of the Soul

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So the skate drama continues....

I have requested a refund on the price of the skates which never arrived (or were even shipped). The vendor was actually pretty cool about the whole thing, and refunded the money right away. I have received said refund. Unfortunately, as the skates were discounted as part of a "package deal" with the pads...well, the refund won't cover the purchase price of another set of skates. And so I must wait again until the last little bit of money to cover the difference and shipping can be spared from our limited budget. Damn. Am I ever going to get this together in time? I need to be able to skate well and do it for two hours straight in order to pass tryouts.
I am also applying for *gasp* health insurance. It would be down right stupid of me to start playing contact sports without insurance. I am not stupid, and I think we have figured out how to squeeze the premium into aforementioned tight budget.
I am still frustrated. I haven't had a chance to talk to my Derby contact recently, as she is part of the SCDG all star team and they have been extremely busy the last few weeks. Hopefully, she has found a pair of skates I can beg, borrow or whatever for the time being. I really want to play derby. I really want to prove to myself and everyone else that I can do it. I told one of my bosses that I was trying out and he laughed. Yes, laughed. Fine. I'll show you! I will make the team, (I don't even care which team, I just want to play) and I will show you what I am made of. Just because I am a doormat at work doesn't mean that I can't kick a little butt.
Wow, long post tonight. We will see where this skate saga leads...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Feeling a little more positive today

So after my big old rant yesterdy about skates, I went to watch the SCDG practice scrimmage. I have been keeping in touch with the fresh meat coach and made a point on introducing myself to her. She said that some of her teammates may have some older skates that I could borrow in the interim and she'd see what she could find. She also mentioned that several of the rollergirls she knows have had similar experiences with this particular vendor back ordering skates. I feel much better knowing that there are some alternatives for me. Said coach said that she'd stay in touch with me and let me know when her team was planning to get together and skate so I could come and get to know some of the ladies and get my skating bearings. When I got home, I re-read the e-mail from the skate vendor who stated I could sub different pair of skates or simply request refund of the skates. I have chosen to get a refund and order the skates from a more reliable vendor, or possibly pick up a package deal I spotted on ebay today if the refund clears in time and the price of said package doesn't go to high. The more reliable vendor actually states on their site that they recently received a large order of the Reidell Vixens. They also ship UPS or USPS, either of which should get me my skates in 3-5 days. YAY!! Things are getting better for me all around.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am SO far beyond frustrated I can't even speak. After waiting for months to save enough money to buy my coveted rookie package, and weeks of not knowing if they are ever coming, I finally got a response from the vendor. Apparently, the Reidell Vixens that I ordered are on back order. Until JULY. So, when they finally get them, somtime around July 11, they will actually ship them and I'll have to wait 3-5 (or 15 the way my luck has been running) business days before they arrive. I have basically lost the entire summer of getting familiar with my skates. I may not be able to get in shape in time, and for the first time since I made the decision to do this, I actually feel like I might fail. I don't know if I simply picked the wrong vendor, or if these skates are actually that popular, or if I am simply cursed. All I know is that I am frustrated, I feel like events have conspired to prevent me from doing something I really want to do, and I just want to give up. I know I shouldn't give up over something this stupid, especially since I have already spent the money for the gear. It just seems that I finally find something in my life that I can do for ME, and every little stupid thing that could possibly happen to ruin it is happening.
Meh. I should stop whining and get on with it. Skate or fall right?