Monday, November 22, 2010

First tryouts = fail.

So I heard back from Miss Mafiosa today. I didn't score high enough on my tryout to make the league. Apparently a lot of girls didn't score high enough. I was told that I was very close, and that there would be a second round of tryouts in two to three weeks. I was strongly encouraged to try again, as Mafiosa felt I'd likely make the second cut. She wants me to work on weaves and stops, which were my weakest scores, and if I can bring those scores up, I should be golden. She told me that I aced the interview, and while I didn't *quite* get my 25 in 5, I was close enough that they felt I could get there quickly. I was given to understand that the judges of the skills I didn't do well on were notoriously strict judges, since they have been skating for years.
So, I'm a bit discouraged.


  1. I know that you'll be able to pull it off! Practice, practice, practice!!! If you need another skating buddy, I'll come before 8 on weekdays and after 11 and weekends. I'm no skater, but I can help with encouragement!

    I want this for you!

  2. don't be discouraged... every day it gets slightly easier.