Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Now I'm depressed.

I just found out exactly HOW bad I suck. Apparently 33 girls passed SCDG tryouts. This is an astounding number. More so when you're one of the FIVE that didn't make it. WOW. That is a huge blow to a woman's ego.
I've never wanted to be part of anything more than I want to be part of this league and apparently I suck more than at least two of the girls who couldn't even turn a corner.
Hard work is not enough.
I suck.


  1. Wow. I'm sorry. Ask the judges for help, maybe.

  2. Been readin' your blog. I just made it into the Philly Rollergirls Freshmeat Program - one of 34 girls to do so. They cut about more than half who tried out... I've only been skating since end of September, but in the 8 weeks before tryouts, I put in about 40-50 total hours of skating time. I'm not sure how much you practiced, but if I were you, I'd ask for the contact info of the 5 skaters who also didn't make it and practice with them.
    Also, in some leagues, if you're an NSO, you can practice skating with the league - so try that too before you try out again. There are many girls who have to try out a second or third time before they make it.

  3. @ Psyfy: I have a few friends on the league who plan to help me out with the skills that apparently were the ones that I failed.

    @Bethany: SCDG is a pretty small league, I haven't asked, but as far as I'm aware, only league members can skate and NSO's are considered volunteers, not members. I put in probably the same number of hours, but over a longer period of time. As for the other four skaters, I am pretty certain that they are not going to make it in the second tryout either, and one or two of them may not even try. I know I can make the second tryout, but it's still pretty depressing to find out that 33 girls made it and 5 did not. Top of the bottom is not as comforting when the bottom is five girls. I am getting better. I can do this, but I am sort of pissed off at myself for losing three weeks of training over (apparently) five points.

  4. persevere. find people you WANT to skate with and recapture the fun... the rest will eventually fall into place.