Monday, August 30, 2010

Keeping the faith.

I did manage to get in some skating time this weekend. I was very sick all day long on Friday but Saturday morning I slept in and felt much better for it. I skated a bit on the running track Sunday morning, into a significant windstorm. This was more trouble than it was worth. The track is a very grippy surface, and I skate there to build leg strength. Working against the grip of the track and into the wind, I managed to tweak my knee a little.
As I was headed home, I got a gleeful call from my baby sister (who's half my age). She just got some rollerblades at a yard sale and desperately wants to try them out. Who does she call? Her wanna-be rollergirl sister. I can't turn down a chance to skate on a rink for free. That's silliness! So Lil sis comes over and spends some time with me and my family, which is helpful to her as she needs to stay away from some bad influences in her life...but that's a whole separate issue, which I will not post on da interwebz for the whole world to read. That's her story, not mine. ANYWAY... She spends a few hours with us then the two of us go skating. She spent most of her time trying to help some kidsthat were trying to skate and failing miserably. I spent most of mine doing my best to do laps on the taped derby track. I had placed my arch supports in my skates (for once I remembered them) and my feet were killing me after about 20 minutes. I don't know what it is about my skates that's that different from my work shoes but, damn.
So, I guess I am rambling again.
Anyway, I think I am getting about 3-4 laps per minute right now, which ain't bad considering I coast around corners since I can't crossover yet. I am comfortable with that for now. I think I'll have the five in one once I learn how to crossover. I have some anxiety over 25 in 5 though. My endurance hasn't always been the best. I have a lot to learn and tryouts are coming way too soon. I have a lot of skills to learn, but I have faith in myself. I know I can learn stops, falls, balance and all the other basic skills. *crosses fingers* I guess Rule # 1 applies to me also. Cardio. Learn it, live it, love it(ish).

Friday, August 27, 2010

Seeing improvements

I have been skating with a lot more frequency since I went to the SCDG "skate with a derby girl" night. I find that now, with my freshly adjusted skates, I can actually skate! No more eating rink with every turn. I went to the rink earlier this week and skated for an hour with no falls. Nope, not even one. Even when the bratty kids on scooters cut me off, I just dodged around them. I DID, however, bitch out one of said kids. There were two of them, maybe 9-10 years old. They were scooting all over the place with random direction changes. They both veered across my path, less than three inches in front of my skates. I still have trouble stopping. They are freaking lucky I can steer now, or they would have been broken and bleeding. I pulled one of them over and told him to pay more attention or I'd crush him. They were much more careful for the rest of the time that they were there. I have SO much more confidence now, after some tips from the lovely Sushi.
I did run into some of the girls at the rink, since they were practicing there that night. The ladies I talked to were very complimentary and encouraging. One even went so far as to use the phrase "You're pretty good". Talk about a self esteem booster! I have renewed faith in myself now and can't wait to skate. What happens next? I get sick. I have some sort of bug, which makes it very difficult to force myself to skate since I have zero energy. *sigh*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New attitude

Apparently, I am still a slacker. How did two and a half weeks go by without another whine-fest from me? Goodness intrepid followers, are you still out there?
If so, I actually have something positive to post for once! Last night was SCDG "Skate with a Derby Girl" night at one of our local roller rinks. It was both a publicity thing and a recruitment night for the league. Of course, I went. There was recently a change in the Fresh Meat leadership and I needed to meet the new Captain and Co-Captain.
I AM SO GLAD I WENT. I was actually able to meet, and talk to, more of the girls and they were all super encouraging and helpful. One of the ladies, who is now my personal savior, adjusted the trucks on my skates for me and explained why. I love you Kitty! I can now turn corners without eating rink. Several of the girls helped me with pushoffs and cornering. One actually offered to help me out once a week until tryouts, which are set for October. I love you too Sushi! I fell on my butt once, right in front of the girls and was actually congratulated for just going with the fall. One girl, when introduced to me stated she was going to be sure not to piss me off, because i look like a hard hitter.(I think that is mostly because I am huge and not in a completely bad way) I have renewed faith in myself, and now have glimpsed the camaraderie that I so desperately covet.
Bring it on! I can TOTALLY do this.
BTW. Booty block position keeps wannabes from falling on asses. Just so you know.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am a slacker.

I am a huge slacker. I haven't been posting anything on this blog.
I have been at a bit of a stalemate with my skating. Work has been crazy lately, making it very difficult to force myself to go out and do something physical when I get home. Since I haven't been practicing, I am not improving much. I still flail around like some strange bird when I first start skating. I still fall pretty much every time I put on a pair of skates. My ever loving husband has taken it upon himself to fix that. Monday, he told me I would get no dinner until I had gone out and skated. unfortunately, my children insisted on coming with me. Children being what they are, they were bored senseless after about 35 minutes. I had to take them home, which means no more skating for their momma. *sigh* At least I put my damn skates on, right? Yesterday we had a friend over for dinner, so I couldn't skate then, and today it rains. I can almost stay upright skating on dry land, I don't think it's a good idea for me to try on wet pavement. Here's hoping tomorrow is dry when I get home. I have to practice. I need to get better, or I am going to look like an idiot when I try out. There is a new Fresh Meat captain and co-captain for the league, and I don't know these ladies well. I hope they are as welcoming as the awesome woman they are taking over for. I hope I don't make a fool of myself. I hope, I hope I hope.
This post is turning into a giant ramble. I must be tired. I'll post again another day when I'm not lame.
Love to my friends!