Friday, January 14, 2011

Somebody call the WAAAAHHHHHmbulance!

So I decided to do the "Roller derby Workout Challenge". I thought"Oh that will be awesome! I can build some muscle and be a better skater, and maybe even drop a few inches!"
Sadly, this was not to be. I started out the week, ate mostly what the meal plan dictated with a few changes for both financial reasons and for preference. I gave up booze. No skin off my nose, I needed to cut back anyway. I gave up white flour of all kinds and all processed sugars. Diet isn't a big issue, I followed the Weight Watchers plan for years with little problem.
Then I tried to do the workout. I have had a little pain in my knees since starting to skate. I am not 25 anymore. I can live with it. The workout however, with what felt like five million lunges and squats in addition to what seemed to be hours of planks, was pure evil. The next morning I got out of bed, and as soon as I put weight on my right knee, I heard a sickening crunch. I didn't think much about it, because it only hurt a little bit. Over the course of the day at work, it became more and more painful. Okay, I'll take a day off of the workout, put a little pain gel on my knee, and I'll be just fine. Nope. Tuesday, Wednesday, still painful. Limping around work. Getting more and more aggravated by the day. Thursday comes and I am just hoping that I can get in some endurance skating, or maybe even just the warmups. I NEED to skate with my girls! The rest of the Tofutti Cuties need me! I need them! "Not a chance" says my stupid knee. I finally broke down and scheduled an appointment with a doctor, but since I work in a doctor's office, I had to work around my work schedule, so my appointment is January 25. Crap. Well. I feel a bit less pain today, so I will continue to take it relatively easy until I find out just WTF is going on. I am going to skate next week, even if all I accomplish is warmups and stretches. I think we're supposed to be learning falls. I need to know this, so maybe I will stay and watch if I can't do it. It is strange to be sitting here on Friday, and not have that delightful soreness that comes from a good practice session.
Whine, whine, whine.
I'm a wimp.


  1. I HATE when your momentum gets crashed by an injury. It is THE worst! I have had knee issues for years, and one think I learned with lunges and squats ands stuff - don't go down so low. You can tighten your muscles, and still protect your knees at the same time.

  2. Yeah, the problem is I am trying to gain balance when I AM low. I have to get low so my center of gravity is low and I don't fall down every time somebody brushes by me. Or slams into me on purpose =) or I slam into them on purpose.

  3. Wow,that is the sads. I hate getting injuries. ESPECIALLY when I'm at a momentum where I can't bare stopping. Hugs!