Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little update.

I finally had my doctor's appointment today. I went in and we talked about when and where my knee hurts. I was grilled on my exercise regimen, and how hard I have been hit in derby. Do I remember any injury that preceded the pain..blah blah blah. Three X-rays and a few pokes and prods and "does this hurt"s later, the doctor believes that I have patellofemoral disorder which means that I have over worked my major quad (thigh) muscle and need to strengthen my inner thigh muscles to compensate. Wow. I have an over-training injury. COOL! The best part is, with physical therapy, I can get completely better! YAY! I have also been greenlighted to get back to practice, though I have been advised to continue to take it somewhat easy until the horrible crunching noises stop. That's right. Indy is back in action! (Within limits)


  1. When she bent her knee, it sounded like bricks in a cement mixer!
    So glad it's not going to stop her from skating!
    Go Wife!