Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to skating!

Last night, with the approval of my new doctor, I went to practice and actually skated. It was, of course, freaking awesome.
We didn't have as many of the vets come this week, so we just stayed in one big group and worked drills together. It was good to get back on skates, and nice that after a few minutes, I actually felt pretty comfortable again. We did endurance laps, timing to see what our time was for 25 laps. I took it VERY easy, since I wasn't sure how my knee was going to react to abrupt changes in direction. I still managed a not completely pitiful 7 minutes. Now, I need to trim two full minutes off this time, but I feel like I can do that since a little over a month ago I could do 24 laps in 5 minutes and was coming around turn four on lap 25 when time was called. I trust that I will get back there after I have gotten the strength back in my knees.
After endurance, we did a drill called "shopping carts" which basically helps you ease into the idea of hip whips, which is what we practiced next. I ended up paired off with one of the other Toffuti Cuties who hadn't been skating long. We took it very easy to help her maintain control. She did very well, and I felt good about my efforts. After hip whips we practiced arm whips. I did well with inside whips, and receiving whips, but my outside whips need a bit of work. I need to remember to keep my thumb up. I am sore today, but in that good, "I worked hard" sort of way. Surprisingly, the stretches we do in derby helped to pull things back in alignment a little, and I sound less like a pencil sharpener when I walk today.
I feel great today. Oh, and just a little side note, I gained four pounds this week instead of losing, but my belt is loose now...I must be gaining muscle.

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  1. I can tell my wife is addicted to this sport.
    Any week goes by where she doesn't skate, it's like living with a she-bear. On PMS. Who doesn't get to skate.
    And she's not a cranky wife.
    So glad you found this sport babe!