Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year. Yeah, I know everyone is doing it.

So we rang in the new year with a few of our closest friends and several of their other friends. It was pretty awesome. So now that we have bid farewell to a somewhat trying but generally good year, it is time to decide what tone to give the brand new year.
Obviously, I have chosen to make this year my year for obtaining "mad derby skillz" and am super excited to get started with this on Thursday. I have decided that in order to truly take advantage of all that these awesome women have to teach me, I have to work at home also. In the spirit of this idea, I have decided to undergo the "roller derby fitness challenge" which I discovered on Facecrack...I mean Facebook. I have also committed to resuming the Weight Watchers lifestyle. I can't afford to go to the meetings, but I have obtained some of the materials for the new program. I actually really liked Weight Watchers the first time I did it, but gained most of my original weight loss back due to a health issue and was never able to regain the momentum (heh, momentum).
I really haven't set any clear goals, really more like ideas. I have a distinct tendency to fail when I set resolutions, so I am just going to set a new attitude.
On another note, I was able to get in one last skate of 2010. Even though I have been nursing my stupid knee, which still hurts most of the time for no obvious reason, I went out on Thursday with my best friend, who hadn't skated in around 10 years. She was really not bad, and watching her helped me realize how far I have actually come. I'd encourage her to skate too, but she has a health issue also which pretty much means she shouldn't let people knock her down at high speeds, so I have to settle for having her be my cheerleader. (Love you S!) Anyway...I digress. What I set out to say, was that I found myself trying things while skating with her that I had been hesitant to try before. I was able to execute a few T-stops, which I have been chicken to try since the first time I tried and ate rink. Hard. I think that being on a rink without people who are considerably more experienced than me gave me a little confidence since I wouldn't be the only one falling down. Yay for false confidence!
I should probably stop rambling now.
I will catch you all on the flip side and keep y'all posted on my first real practice.


  1. Cant wait to read all about it! Had lots of fun last night. :-)

  2. Yeah, I had a little too much fun last night. I forget about the challenges of hot tub drinking. I have learned my lesson, at least for now =) I have to cut back a bit again.

  3. Yay for the New Year! And your improved skating skills! haha -want more confidence - take me skating sometime, you'll feel like a pro!

  4. @ Xazmin Come on out! You would be surprised how fast it comes back!