Friday, January 7, 2011

Red Rockettes Fresh Tofu....

Last night was my first official practice with the Red Rockettes! It was SO much fun I can't walk!
We started the evening with the obligatory paperwork, WFTDA insurance, emergency contacts etc.
Then we did some quick warm up laps and stretches. While we were stretching, we did basic introductions. There were lots of new girls, which included me even though I did attend the last two sessions of the last round. We broke into two groups after stretching, one for the vets and the ladies who attended the last round of practices. The vets took the last group through testing for basics and the "fresh tofu" (some of us are vegetarians not me, but some...) broke off and started with the very basics.
We practiced derby position, which I can do, but my knee is still giving me fits when I hold it for too long. We practiced stops. I am MUCH better at stopping. We worked on weaves, which I have also improved immensely. I was one of the more stable of the freshies, but I did manage to hit two separate sets of bleachers head on. I have a pretty nice little bruise forming on my hand and shoulder. Nothing to post pics of, but they do hurt.
After we finished weaves, we had a discussion about gear, what we need to have, and what quality it should be. A lot of the other girls were wearing borrowed pads from the "Box Of Stench", and most of them needed better skates. I was sitting pretty in my awesome gear.
I am sore today, but not as bad as some of the other ladies, since I took it a little easy on my knee. I still know that Wanton Rebellion is going to be a tough Derby Momma. She kicked my (not so) little hiney. She is great though. She knew when I was giving up due to pain in the knee rather than due to quivering quads.
All in all, I am super stoked and loving every minute!

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  1. Aw - thanks! I am tough, but I try to be fun too! It's for your own good - I swear!:D You are so dedicated little lady. I know you will do well!

    Get that knee better and keep us posted :)