Friday, January 21, 2011

At this rate, it's going to be "Adventures in never skating"

I missed practice last night.
My in-laws are very nice people, who want to spend time with Hubby and I. My Mother-in-law bought tickets to a play in a local theater for the four of us to go see a play. Sweet right? I love the theater!
She didn't check with hubby or me before scheduling our "date" and bought tickets for a Thursday night. Last night. Hubby has a class on Thursday nights. I have practice on Thursday nights. When hubby mentioned his class, his mom flipped out and said "if you don't want to come with us that's fine, but I bought these tickets so we could spend time together and they were expensive....blah blah blah." We didn't even bother to mention that I would be missing practice for this. As previously noted, she doesn't approve.
SOOOOO. No skating for me. I did manage to clunk around a little in my skates. Tried to walk without rolling like Wanton recommended. I wasn't horrible. I can do side to side just fine, but for some reason, I just can't walk forward or backward.
I also have one more fear to conquer. Backwards skating, and switching front to back and vice versa. And tomahawk stops.
I have three weeks until test for min requirements. Not enough time!


  1. You'll totally pass, but what happens to those that don't?

  2. They don't get to skate with "the big girls". I imagine it depends on how many fail what else happens. I think that they will continue to separate us into vets and rookies, rookies being those that haven't passed minimums yet. We're not so hard core that I think they'll throw anyone out for failing.