Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am a slacker.

I am a huge slacker. I haven't been posting anything on this blog.
I have been at a bit of a stalemate with my skating. Work has been crazy lately, making it very difficult to force myself to go out and do something physical when I get home. Since I haven't been practicing, I am not improving much. I still flail around like some strange bird when I first start skating. I still fall pretty much every time I put on a pair of skates. My ever loving husband has taken it upon himself to fix that. Monday, he told me I would get no dinner until I had gone out and skated. unfortunately, my children insisted on coming with me. Children being what they are, they were bored senseless after about 35 minutes. I had to take them home, which means no more skating for their momma. *sigh* At least I put my damn skates on, right? Yesterday we had a friend over for dinner, so I couldn't skate then, and today it rains. I can almost stay upright skating on dry land, I don't think it's a good idea for me to try on wet pavement. Here's hoping tomorrow is dry when I get home. I have to practice. I need to get better, or I am going to look like an idiot when I try out. There is a new Fresh Meat captain and co-captain for the league, and I don't know these ladies well. I hope they are as welcoming as the awesome woman they are taking over for. I hope I don't make a fool of myself. I hope, I hope I hope.
This post is turning into a giant ramble. I must be tired. I'll post again another day when I'm not lame.
Love to my friends!


  1. came her through Cindy Lop Her's blog... and our profile things and when we started are eerily similar! wow! I'm going to start following you now.. so get skating and blogging! :)

    Cer' Xx

  2. Also got here from Big Derby Girls Don't Cry. :)

    I'm going to start folling you too, so I expect posts. *grin* Have you heard about doing chores in your skates? Even on carpet it helps with stability. Just remember to wear your pads too (especially knee).

    CONGRATS on your huge number drop, I bet that feels amazing.