Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, I wanted to write about my skating journey, so I guess I have to admit to all the bad stuff as well as the good stuff.
I FINALLY got my new skates last week. I love them. They fit perfectly, or at least they will once the leather softens a little. I love them so much, I threw them on as soon as I got home and strapped on all my pads and went to the parking lot next door to skate around and get the feel of them.
I understand the difference between indoor and outdoor wheels now.
Indoor wheels have ZERO control on asphault. I don't have a lot of control anyway, because I am still trying to regain my skills. So there I am wobbling along, trying not to fall and kill myself and trying not to hit my children, who are riding their bikes around me pointing at a small child who is literally skating circles around me. (Not my child, but some random kid mind you) I managed to mostly get my bearings and skate a few laps around th eparking lot, I'm feeling a bit frustrated because it is harder than it was at the rink. Why am I suddenly worse? I slowed down to talk to my kid and all of a sudden, some evil twig reached up and grabbed my wheel. I fell. HARD. Right on my butt. What good does $200 worth of padding do when you don't fall on the pads? I have a fairly nasty tailbone injury, I may have cracked it. I can't really afford to go to the doctor to find out, because my insurance application is still pending. Blah. I went to scrimmage the night I fell, and I was talking to one of the refs for the WRG league and she told me it was my wheels. they are too hard and have no grip. Now I have to get some outdoor wheels so I can skate without killing myself.
So I have been working for a week now with a really sore butt. It hurts to walk, it hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to lie down. Blah.
We had my hubby's family reunion this past weekend, which will be another post in a few days as I have to go to bed shortly. We drove for two hours to Bear Lake. Car trip=BAD. Camping with bruised/sprained/broken tailbone = BAD.
I think I have complained sufficiently for tonight. Sometime this week, I'll get in another post and talk about the reunion, because boy, my kids are hilarious.
Peace, Love and skating! (yes, I am still going to do it!)

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