Thursday, August 19, 2010

New attitude

Apparently, I am still a slacker. How did two and a half weeks go by without another whine-fest from me? Goodness intrepid followers, are you still out there?
If so, I actually have something positive to post for once! Last night was SCDG "Skate with a Derby Girl" night at one of our local roller rinks. It was both a publicity thing and a recruitment night for the league. Of course, I went. There was recently a change in the Fresh Meat leadership and I needed to meet the new Captain and Co-Captain.
I AM SO GLAD I WENT. I was actually able to meet, and talk to, more of the girls and they were all super encouraging and helpful. One of the ladies, who is now my personal savior, adjusted the trucks on my skates for me and explained why. I love you Kitty! I can now turn corners without eating rink. Several of the girls helped me with pushoffs and cornering. One actually offered to help me out once a week until tryouts, which are set for October. I love you too Sushi! I fell on my butt once, right in front of the girls and was actually congratulated for just going with the fall. One girl, when introduced to me stated she was going to be sure not to piss me off, because i look like a hard hitter.(I think that is mostly because I am huge and not in a completely bad way) I have renewed faith in myself, and now have glimpsed the camaraderie that I so desperately covet.
Bring it on! I can TOTALLY do this.
BTW. Booty block position keeps wannabes from falling on asses. Just so you know.


  1. I'm just as bad with mine. o_o

    You totally CAN do this and WILL. WTG!!!