Friday, August 27, 2010

Seeing improvements

I have been skating with a lot more frequency since I went to the SCDG "skate with a derby girl" night. I find that now, with my freshly adjusted skates, I can actually skate! No more eating rink with every turn. I went to the rink earlier this week and skated for an hour with no falls. Nope, not even one. Even when the bratty kids on scooters cut me off, I just dodged around them. I DID, however, bitch out one of said kids. There were two of them, maybe 9-10 years old. They were scooting all over the place with random direction changes. They both veered across my path, less than three inches in front of my skates. I still have trouble stopping. They are freaking lucky I can steer now, or they would have been broken and bleeding. I pulled one of them over and told him to pay more attention or I'd crush him. They were much more careful for the rest of the time that they were there. I have SO much more confidence now, after some tips from the lovely Sushi.
I did run into some of the girls at the rink, since they were practicing there that night. The ladies I talked to were very complimentary and encouraging. One even went so far as to use the phrase "You're pretty good". Talk about a self esteem booster! I have renewed faith in myself now and can't wait to skate. What happens next? I get sick. I have some sort of bug, which makes it very difficult to force myself to skate since I have zero energy. *sigh*


  1. Glad to hear you're gaining confidence! Rest until you're well again, if you try skating now you'll probably just prolong the illness. I'm happy to see a recent post! :)

  2. I wish there was someplace for public skating around here! Sounds like you're doing all the right things, look after yourself and I hope you feel better soon!