Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Am I cursed or just stupid? (the skate saga continues)

I am sure my avid readers(hi Psyfy!)know that I have been having some difficulty in obtaining my roller skates. After demanding a refund from the first online vendor, and ordering from a more well spoken-of vendor, who shall for the time remain nameless, I still have no skates.
I received my refund promptly from the original vendor, and while I am frustrated with the fact that they failed to notify me that back order meant two months or more, I was pleased with the exchange. I would be willing to order accessories from this vendor in the future. Just not skates.
After a period of shopping around looking for price differences and reading vendor reviews, I re-ordered my skates from a different vendor. Two days later, Paypal confirms that the vendor has received the payment and my bank agrees. Great right? Usually items are shipped within three business days after payment is received. It has been eleven business days and still no skates. No word from said vendor. I sent an e-mail to the vendor requesting information on the status of my order. I received an immediate canned reply letter stating that due to a high volume of messages, the vendor will contact me within two business days. *sigh* Am I doomed to borrow skates from a (hopefully) league mate? Will I ever obtain the lovely Reidell Vixens which have rolled through my dreams for the last four months? Stay tuned to find out!


  1. I didn't know you had a blog! That's awesome. Reading about you skating takes me back to the days of playing roller skating waitresses, and hoola-hooping waitresses! And oh the pepperminty-y smell of our red and white striped hoola hoop!