Friday, June 11, 2010

Feeling a little more positive today

So after my big old rant yesterdy about skates, I went to watch the SCDG practice scrimmage. I have been keeping in touch with the fresh meat coach and made a point on introducing myself to her. She said that some of her teammates may have some older skates that I could borrow in the interim and she'd see what she could find. She also mentioned that several of the rollergirls she knows have had similar experiences with this particular vendor back ordering skates. I feel much better knowing that there are some alternatives for me. Said coach said that she'd stay in touch with me and let me know when her team was planning to get together and skate so I could come and get to know some of the ladies and get my skating bearings. When I got home, I re-read the e-mail from the skate vendor who stated I could sub different pair of skates or simply request refund of the skates. I have chosen to get a refund and order the skates from a more reliable vendor, or possibly pick up a package deal I spotted on ebay today if the refund clears in time and the price of said package doesn't go to high. The more reliable vendor actually states on their site that they recently received a large order of the Reidell Vixens. They also ship UPS or USPS, either of which should get me my skates in 3-5 days. YAY!! Things are getting better for me all around.

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