Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting out of my head.

I have hit a roadblock. I can skate. I am actually getting pretty good. For some reason, I have been having insane panic attacks every time I get on my skates. WTF?!? I KNOW I can skate. I even tried a few crossovers yesterday while skating with the lovely Sushi. I can do this, why am I still freaking out? My body is capable of all the skills I need to have down within the next few weeks before tryouts, but I can't make myself do them. I don't know why I am suddenly all psyched out over this. Am I doing the right thing? Should I just give up? *sigh* I am going to fresh meat night at the rink. Maybe the FM captains will have some insight.


  1. our minds play tricks with us... it's purely a mental thing. You know what to do, so just do your best and smile... and try to relax.

    At the moment my mind is not allowing me to skate outdoors. I get all my gear on and my legs shake uncontrollably. I have new outdoor wheels and I'm unable to try them because of the fear. irrational or what?!

  2. That is almost exactly what I am dealing with only it is every time I put my skates on period. I did talk to some of the SCDG vets, and they had some helpful advice. I won't let anxiety take away something I want this badly.