Friday, October 1, 2010


I don't know how I did it, but I finally got out of my own head and onto the track. After last week's fresh meat training night, I started to "just skate." The captains weren't a whole lot of help. There were about seven of us and many of them didn't know what the requirements even were, let alone have those skills ready. There were several other vets from the league there though and I spent quite a bit of time talking with Thigh Master, one of the Bomber Babes. She has roughly the same build as I, and faced a lot of similar challenges when she first started skating. We talked about crossovers, and general gutsy-ness. She was greatly helpful.
I just want to say that every time I have hit a stumbling block, one of the lovely ladies of SCDG has been there and helped me through it. Sushi, Thigh Master, Contessa Danger, Miss Mafiosa. I would never be where I am without them. THANKS!!! =*

I go to the rink to practice every Tuesday. When Sushi's there, she helps me out, when she's not, I just skate. I went this week with a new attitude and didn't even know it. I was skating around and the next thing I knew....crossovers. I didn't even think about it, just did it. Holy shit! Did I really do that? Yep! I did it. I can fall without killing myself or breaking my tailbone (again), I can stop (though it takes a bit of space), and now I can sucessfully crossover without panicking! All I really need to work on now is balance and endurance and I have the full list of requied skills. WOOTY McWOOT WOOT!

I spoke with the FM captain, Miss Mafiosa, and there is an official date for tryouts now. I have until November 20th to get ready. For the first time in several weeks, I feel like I can actually do this. I can be ready. I can kick some ass, take some names and maybe even chew some bubblegum! Now to figure out a derby name.... I'm taking suggestions (serious ones). Don't be shy, I'll consider all serious suggestions before deciding on my name.
Yay for me! Yay for skating! Yay for SCDG!!!!

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  1. eeeee!!!! this is wonderful! congratulations on not over-thinking it and just doing it! I'm so happy for you :)