Thursday, September 16, 2010

Uproar! Killer concert.

My youngest sister is about to turn 18 next week. My mother, in her infinite wisdom, wanted to give her a great gift. She got her tickets to a concert called Uproar which is a great group of hard rocking groups. I only really knew two of the bands in the tour well, but those bands are bands that I really love. The concert opened with one of my favorite under appreciated bands Halestorm. They are fronted by a tiny little woman with a huge voice names Lzzy Hale. The only part about this group that is almost as cool as Lzzy is her "little" brother Arjay who is the drummer of the group. He is easily one of the best rock drummers I have ever seen/heard. He is animated and fun to watch as well as OWNING the riff. They were given the short end of the stick and only got a half hour to play, but the did play my three favorite Halestorm songs. It was cool to see a woman who can rock just as hard as any man in the business. She even mentioned the fact that she was the only woman on the tour.
Then came a group I am not familiar with. I didn't care for them. I personally could have just had that much more Halestorm.
After the group whose name escapes me, came Avenged Sevenfold. I had gotten them confused with a different group and was pleasantly surprised. I had expected an emo-whine-fest and I got hard rocking fist-pumping goodness. The visual aspect of the show was well done and appropriate to the music, which was much cooler than I expected it to be.
After Avenged Sevenfold came the other band I knew well, and was super excited to see. Disturbed rocked the house, played all the songs I wanted to hear and was just overall coolness.
If you're not into hard rock/metal, you woul dhave hated this concert, but I had forgotten how much I love hard music and going to concerts. However, I was also reminded that I am not 21 anymore. Wow, does my body hurt. All in all, it was a great experience and my kid sister and my husband and I had a great time.

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  1. I hadn't listened to Halestorm until a friend of mine (who joined derby at the same time and WAS a fan of them) told me to watch their It's Not You video featuring, what else, derby girls! I have since become a fan ;)