Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summertime is busy...

So I DID skate in scrimmage on Thursday. It was most excellent. I jammed twice. The first time, I got my trash kicked all over the track by the lovely Cherri Chokehold. It all started because I fell right off the bat, and wrenched my ankle. This pissed me off. Being pissed off, made me skate like a moron. I basically floundered and fell down for two full minutes, until the jam ended. This included a rather exciting full-speed collision into the wall. UGH.
The second time I jammed, it was a thing of beauty. I slid through a narrow opening in the pack, and booked it to the front. I was lead jammer!! I made one full lap and got halfway through the pack before calling it off to avoid letting the other jammer get any points. I only scored three points, but they were real points. I did it.
After the scrimmage, I went out to Piper Down to meet up with anyone who cared to come out. It ended up being myself, The Colonel, Wanton Rebellion, Collin D Shotz, and Rubber Raw. Referees and me. We talked rules, and how one goes about becoming a ref. They were all very supportive and encouraging in my desire to join their ranks. I think several of them were expecting it anyway. LOL.
The next morning, hubby, kids and I went to hubby's family reunion at Bear Lake. Three days of mosquito bites. It was really fun, and my children were so well behaved, I am so proud.
Now, Sunday evening rolls around and it is time to get ready for another week at work. Hope this week is better than last week.
Love to all!


  1. I remember a time when you were talking about how you thought the jammers were nuts and couldn't see yourself doing it...and here you are! You're awesome. You keep getting better and better. I hope your work week goes well. Heart your face! <3

  2. Oh, I still think they're nuts. I just have to make myself do it. I find myself blocking through the pack though, and it gets me penalties. (Red #42 Forearms!) Shhhh! You didn't see that ref! I have to get my jedi mind trick going...

  3. You did awesome!!! We'll have to jam together again!

  4. Next time, I plan to kick you trash Cherri! That's why the Jedi mind trick...wait, wouldn't work on you. I'll just have to practice on the refs then. =)