Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day weekend with lots of fun derby goodness.

It has been a glorious weekend of derby goodness. We started with Scrimmage on Thursday night, which was fun as always. I will refrain from the jam-by-jam runthrough, as it has been a few days, but I had a great time. Unfortunately, Gyro was not feeling well, and didn't come to practice, so our weekly tradition of hot tub time was just not going to happen. I decided that rather than go home and sleep (who needs sleep anyway?) I was going to go out to Piper Down with several of the ladies and a few gentlemen of the ref crew. HOLY crap was that fun! I was saved from certain molestation by Phillip McCrevasse, who is now my ever loved hero. I have some delightful friends who bought me drinks and generally made me feel loved. I plan to do the Piper Down trip more often. Maybe next time I will wear pants.
Friday was a nice relaxing day spent at home with my awesome little family, though I had a LOT of cleaning to do in preparation for Saturday.
Saturday we had a little Independence day BBQ for some friends and family, but not until after this year's first Picnic scrimmage hosted by our sister League Wasatch Roller Derby. Picnic scrimmages are great. Ladies and gentlemen from almost every league in Northern Utah came to the warehouse to play together. There were two co-ed scrimmages and two women only scrimmages. The Red Rockettes were admirably represented by our mamas Wanton Rebellion and England's Glory, but I am most proud of my derby crush Bruiser Ego, who skated with the big girls and kicked a little hiney! I went and helped out as NSO, primarily tracking penalties with another league-mate Wicked Intent. It was fun, as always. I love that the referees keep telling me I should join up. Love you guys!
After the scrimmage, I came home to the BBQ. That was another good time with great friends, with the added bonus of a couple of my derby friends coming out to join us. Thanks for coming Bruiser, Colonel. It was good fun, and I hope to see y'all at more of these shindigs. The fireworks were lovely.
Last night was another chill evening in with the hubby and kids. Just the four of us hanging out.
Now today is Independence day. One of my favorite holidays, just because I love summer, and nothing says summer more than July 4th. I just got home from skating in Liberty park with a few of said derby friends, one of whom I haven't seen since I stopped attending SCDG scrimmages. D Flower! It was great to catch up with her, and fun to skate. Colonel pushed me pretty hard and made me skate longer, faster, harder than I would have otherwise, even though I know I was slowing him down in a big way. Thanks for that. I can't wait to do it again. We talked about rulesets, the joys of being a referee, and what I need to work on.
I don't know what we're doing for the rest of the day, but I am sure it will be fun.
So that's what Indy's been up to. <3 you all!

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  1. The parts of your weekend I was there I loved it and had a ton of fun with you, I greatly enjoyed spending off track time with Bruiser, Mr. Bruiser and Colonel. I think during the summer because the hot tub is well just too hot we should go to piper more often. Love ya, Muah