Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not skating related, but still fun!

Today I made my debut as a full on Tarot reader. I even had paying customers! A friend of mine does Henna art at the People's market, and has invited me, along with another of our friends, to join her in her space and read cards for people to earn a few extra dollars. I will be working every other Sunday from 10-3 reading cards and hopefully helping people out. I feel great about myself today, I was able to help a friend make a difficult decision by doing a simple layout for her. I was able to spend some time with some good friends, and get to know one particular friend much better.I received my very first tip, and even did some trade work. I have an appointment already for my next session, one of the ladies in another booth makes really cool jewelry and had a necklace that I really liked. She wanted to have a reading done today, but due to the wind and other weather issues, She had to close up early, and so did we.
After we loaded up, I took a rainy walk in the International Peace gardens in the rain. It was beautiful. Until it started POURING. Like Wall-Of-Water pouring. I tried to wait it out, but it just wasn't going to clear up, so I made a break for my car, becoming completely soaked in the process, and drove home. We had originally planned to go up in the canyons and have a wiener roast, but with the insane rain, that wasn't going to happen. Hubby had the brilliant idea of building a little firepit in the driveway and roasting said weenies there. It was fun, even in the rain. All told, a delightful evening.

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