Friday, May 28, 2010

Pads are in!

I ordered a rookie package last week, as I am sure any of my "avid readers" (which includes me and probably nobody else) knows. Yesterday my protective gear came in! I am super excited. I haven't decided about the fit of some of the pads though. The site I ordered through didn't allow for selective sizing on the pads, it was all one size so I ordered large. I'm a big girl, large is a reasonable guess, but I have small wrists and elbows for my size and my pads may be too big. I put them on and they feel strange, but I can't decide if that's just because I haven't worn them before or if it is the pads themselves. Also, the knee pads may be too small, but I plan to lose a bit more weight which should basically take care of that problem. Helmet fits nicely! Still (not so) patiently waiting for my skates themselves though. Reidell! Ship faster already!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I finally saved up the last of my skate money. My rookie package is ordered, and hopefully the skates I want are in stock. "C" and I have discussed this at length and even though money is very tight in our home right now, I went ahead and ordered the skates. Unfortunately, now I have to wait again. *sigh* I can do it. I can wait for my skates. I will learn everything I can before fresh meat season starts in the fall, and if tryouts happen to come during the current season, I will try out. I have printed out the WFTDA rule book and will study it during "downtime" (yeah, right) at work. I am starting to get really excited!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I am sad.

I have been saving my pennies to get that coveted rookie package so that I can start skating. I have an absolutely awesome friend who has put money in to help me get there, but with our limited income in this house, I have had to put off ordering my skates for about two months now. I have to wait another few weeks. Frustration abounds. I REALLY need to get started building up endurance, balance and skills, but I cannot begin skating without skates. I could use the diversion since work has been extremely hectic and will continue to be so for another two to three weeks at the very least. If it's worth doing, it must be worth waiting for though right?